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Since I was a child, clothes meant a great deal to me: they were an emblem of who I was – of who I always wanted to be.

They are the symbol of who I am.

But - being young - I didn't always have first-choice when it came to the clothes I wore.

Such is life.

But the moment I was out from under the influence of the old regime, it was time to build my own style. To collect items I wanted to wear - and to show the world who I really am.

Few people understand Gothic fashion.

Their assumption is to place it in the boring section they dub 'black.' But Gothic style runs so much deeper; deeper than those beyond its grasp will ever come to know – so, Gothlander simply had to exist.

Gothlander is a dungeon of desire – fuelled by design-first items that elicit the true meaning of what it is to be a goth. The Gothlander collection brings together the darkest-of-the-dark; in ways, only those initiated could ever understand.

To step out of Gothlander is to step out knowing who you are, wearing the clothes you've always wanted to wear.

For those who tar Gothic fashion with a single-colored-brush; we tar your style with a single-mindedness.

Why not step over to the dark side?

With the finest quality clothing you are ever likely to own, now may be the time to release your inner Goth...